Is animal tracking a lost art? Today on Wild Game Domain, host Chad Pagano and guest Judith D. Schwartz discuss that it may be as important as ever.  Developed by the earliest hunters, wildlife tracking skills remain essential tools for conservation and can even reveal clues about climate change as well as soil quality.  Is advancing technology in animal tracking helping the hunters and perhaps poachers as well?  What is being done to support wildlife in areas where poaching is prevalent?  How can we help?  Tune in for this informative show for more and click here to read Judith's latest article.

"When animals are hunted, the hunters usually take the males and therefore this doesn't have a devastating effect on the population because the females are the open to give birth to young. Poaching on the other hand, favors the females and this is because they use snares and dogs." [17:00]
"If we are really going to solve the problem of poaching, it is going to be by addressing the needs of communities that live among these animals." [19:00]
--Judith D. Schwartz on Wild Game Domain