On the season premiere of In the Drink, host Joe Campanale is joined in the studio by Marissa Huff, author of the book Aperitivo: The Cocktail Culture of Italy.

The aperitivo is a fixture in Italian culture and daily lifestyle. Many of the drinks are structured around vermouths and other botanical-infused liqueurs, which offer a new world of complex flavors. But Marissa's book is just as much about the food, because in Italy, drinking and eating go hand in hand.

Marisa Huff is a native Californian and avid home cook, turned Italian food and beverage expert; an arbiter of taste, if you will. When not sipping on a spritz, Marisa spends her days working as the Director of Communications for the Alajmo family restaurant group, based in Padua, Venice, and Paris. Drawing on her insider’s perspective on Italian food, wine, and favorite social custom, the aperitivo, Marisa’s writing has also appeared in publications such as Wine & Sprits and The Art of Eating. She currently lives in Padua with her husband and daughter.

Tune in for a light and refreshing start to the spring season of In the Drink!

Marisa Portrait

"Aperitivo refers to the drink itself, but also the getting together, the social hour." [6:05] – Marissa Huff