Tune in to Eating Matters this week as Jenna Liut and guests are talking about a part of the food system worldwide that gets little attention in the U.S. – aquaculture. Globally, aquaculture is a $100 billion industry, comprising over one half of the world’s seafood production. Because of the significant problem of overfishing and the depletion of wild fish stocks globally, it is expected to become an increasingly critical part of the human food supply. In fact, one projection by the World Bank estimates that two-thirds of global seafood supply will come from aquaculture by 2030. Moreover, many healthy food advocates, environmental groups, and scientists have pointed to domestic aquaculture as a potential source for more sustainable, better regulated seafood. Joining today to give an overview of the industry – including support for and concern about the practices – is the panel of experts: Breanna Draxler, Patty Lovera and Bren Smith.