Ari Weinzweig is the co-owner and founding partner of Zingerman’s Community of Businesses, a family of small food related companies and ventures. Zingerman’s Community of Businesses has since evolved to nine businesses from the first original deli in 1982, revolutionizing the idea of food mail orders, and the way people eat in Michigan. On this special episode of Evolutionaries, hear from Ari himself on how Zingerman’s became so instrumental in the food industry. This program has been sponsored by Heritage Foods USA.

“Relationships are relationships. There’s a mythology that relationships are supposed to be forever, but most of them aren’t for whatever reasons. Each of us as individuals is growing and evolving, and I think that we’ve never held it against somebody if they don’t want to work with us.” [15:50]

“Part of our current vision for Zingerman’s 2020 is that we leave our world a better place than when we got going.” [16:00]

Ari Weinzweig on Evolutionaries