Mike Edison and Judy McGuire sit down with the queen of punk rock and porn, Joanna Angel. Tune in to hear why porn stars who make zombie-themed films cannot cross over into other horror sub-genres. Hear about Joanna's work in sex education, and why her immaturity sometimes interferes with her teaching abilities. Later, hear how the Internet changed the porn industry, and how Burning Angel has been able to survive in a world where porn is available for free. What problems has Joanna faced when dating people outside of the porn industry? Find out all of this and more on this week's edition of Arts & Seizures, and make sure to stay tuned to hear Joanna's single, "Gimme Some Pants". Thanks to our sponsor, Roberta's.

"Why would I get into porn if my goal was to get out of porn? That doesn't make any sense." [4:40]

"We've always had a tight budget because we started making porn as the industry was declining. But we started before piracy, so we we able to get some fans who are still willing to pay for it." [21:15]

-- Joanna Angel on Arts & Seizures