Andy Shernoff, "The Christopher Columbus of Punk Rock", joins Mike Edison and Judy McGuire on this week's edition of Arts & Seizures! Tune into this episode to hear Andy, Mike, & Judy talk about about the CBGB movie, and whether or not its inauthenticity makes it less enjoyable. Hear discussions regarding the Ramones, and why they were such a standout punk rock band. Tune in to find out about Andy's upcoming shows, including one with Mike Edison himself! Why did Andy decide to sell his archive of punk rock posters, records, and fanzines? Find out on this episode of Arts & Seizures! Thanks to our sponsor, Roberta's.



"I'd say 75% of the people that I know who were involved with the scene say they hated the CBGB's movie because it wasn't authentic. That's why I want to wait a year to see it- maybe I'll be entertained." [5:10]

-- Andy Shernoff on Arts & Seizures