This week on Arts & Seizures, Mike Edison and Judy McGuire sit down with author Michael Malice who recently wrote Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong-Il. Michael traveled to North Korea and gathered as many references as possible to write his book. Tune in to find out the realities of North Korean fascism, and Kim Jong-Il's 'magical' powers. Why is the media so focused on Dennis Rodman's recent excursion to North Korea? Find out how Kim Jong-Un differs from his father, and how the DPRK handles criticism from the West. This program has been brought to you by Roberta's Pizza.

"Everything in North Korea is interesting. There will not be a moment where you are not simulated or thinking, 'What am I looking at right now?'" [4:35]

"I wanted to keep that fun, pop tone because it's such a dark situation." [12:15]

-- Michael Malice on Arts & Seizures