Paco Cao joins Judy McGuire and guest co-host Michael Malice to discuss his Psychological Cocktail Services, and his upcoming event at New York City's MoMA! Tune into this episode to hear how Paco evaluates individuals and then designs a cocktail based upon their interaction. Hear what types of liquor Paco prefers to use in his cocktails, and why he stays away from infused liquors. Does Paco view cocktails as masculine or feminine? What does Paco think about people who drink Budweiser in the shower? Find out on this week's edition of Arts & Seizures! Thanks to Roberta's for sponsoring today's program.

"In my case, I like to go deep. I like to ask questions that let me get to know the client's personality, and so the drink is my interpretation of the person." [4:30]

"Cocktail parties are integral to the way that we socialize." [27:00]

-- Paco Cao on Arts & Seizures