Danceteria was the place to party in the 1980’s. The bands and personalities that frequented the 4 floor night club went on to become legendary. Everybody from Keith Herring to The Smiths could be spotted at Danceteria, and fortunately there’s an entire library of video footage from those days that have been digitized and preserved at NYU’s Fales Library. Pat Ivers is responsible for most of the videos in this collection and she’s this week’s guest on Arts & Seizures. Tune in to hear what the scene was like, how NYC has changed and why it’s so important that these videos were preserved. This program was sponsored by Robertas.


“The first thing that went wrong is Studio 54 closed and rich people came downtown with their cocaine and money. Every time has its time. It [the early NY Club Scene] had it’s time and went away.” [15:00]

–Pat Ivers on Arts & Seizures