This week on Arts & Seizures, hosts Mike and Judy welcome Michael Lee Nirenberg, Director of the Documentary Back Issues: The Hustler Magazine Story to the program. Talking about his close relationship with the magazine, his father was one of the original art directors in the 1970's and 1980's. Michael goes on to explain the background of the magazine with Larry Flint as well as its importance in the country's culture. More than just a pornographic publication, the magazine ended up being a beacon for the First Amendment. In the last few minutes of the show, Michael also shares plans for his new project regarding the subcultural history of computer hacking. Tune in for a charged show! This program was sponsored by Heritage Foods USA.

"I realized that it (Hustler Magazine) was much more of a social force than I thought it was, and the way people look at it is that it's just pictures of naked women, but the social commentary was really severe and over the top." [8:29]

-- Michael Lee Nirenberg on Arts & Seizures