This week on Arts & Seizures, solo host Mike Edison welcomes Steven Heller and Douglas Riccardi to the show to speak on the stratosphere of design. Steven is an art director and author of scads of books while Douglas is a graphic artist that particularly works on menu design for top restaurants. Looking at menu design as a way of giving customers the personality of the restaurant, for instance, the group engages in a conversation about some of their projects and their respective workflows, as well as their opinions on the infamous Comic Sans type. Another big discussion revolves around design occurring on a computer rather than being drawn up by hand. Tune in for some expert opinions on menu design, the evolution of type throughout the years, and, of course, some crazy stories! This program was brought to you by Roberta’s Pizza.

“The hand is something that an artist can’t live without.” [8:25]

Steven Heller on Arts & Seizures