This week on Arts & Seizures Mike Edison sits down with author Jami Attenberg to talk about her new novel “Saint Mazie”, which tells the story of Mazie Phillips, the bold fun-loving owner of “The Venice” theater during the Jazz age in New York City. The novel has received tons of critical acclaim, including reviews from The New York Times and a place on Amazon’s list for the Best Book of June 2015. Tune in to hear more about Jami’s book, her upcoming book tour, and to learn about her writing process. This program was brought to you by Roberta’s.

“I think that everything should be accessible to everyone. Everyone should have the chance to write what they want.” [14:00]

“I’m hoping that people are getting something out of me talking as much as I do about my writing!” [28:00]

–Jami Attenberg on Arts & Seizures