This week on Arts & Seizures, hosts Mike Edison and Judy McGuire are talking Queens! Welcoming connoisseurs of the borough of Queens: Emily Nonko, Andrea Lynn, and Jeff Orlick, the group starts off on a culinary journey through the up and coming area. Emily is the Editor of Brownstoner Queens, Andrea is the author of the book “Queens: A Culinary Passport,” while Jeff runs a blog dedicated to eating around Queens. A thorough discussion from the food situation, cost of living, hipness, and the general vibe of the borough successfully introduces any newbie to the area. Tune in to learn all about the undiscovered gems in Queens! This program was brought to you by Roberta’s Pizza.

“In Queens the food scene is local and you might be the only person in the restaurant that speaks English.” [9:35]

Andrea Lynn on Arts & Seizures

“I’m okay with Queens not being the next Brooklyn.” [12:53]

Jeff Orlick on Arts & Seizures