This week on Arts & Seizures host Mike Edison welcomes dear friend and Heritage Radio Network founder, Patrick Martins to the show. Mike and Patrick go way back and even co-wrote the book "The Carnivore's Manifesto" together. The guys go on to explain that the book is ultimately about eating conscientiously for pleasure and discuss the idea of 'teteoire' and being a part of the sustainable food movement before conversation evolves to professional sports. After the break, Mike and Patrick welcome The Main Course co-host Alexes McLaughlin, who also happens to work with Patrick at Heritage Foods USA. Tune in for a great show! This program was brought to you by Roberta's Pizza.

"We're a country that spends more time and effort on dieting than eating."

"If you don't shop at 5 to 6 stores every single week you probably aren't a part of the sustainable food movement."

"Happy Year of the Goat!"

--Patrick Martins on Arts & Seizures