Looking to adopt a kitten in NYC? Look no further than this week's edition of Arts & Seziures! Mike Edison and Judy McGuire are joined in the studio by Lux Alptraum of Fleshbot Fiction, Joe Garden of Adult Swim, Eva Prokop of North Brooklyn Cats- and three kittens! What do these seemingly different guests have in common? They all love cats! Tune in for cat adoption stories, and hear how each of Mike & Judy's guests became cat people. Later, Scott Stulen from the Internet Cat Video Film Festival joins the program by phone to explain why cats are such great film subjects. Find out where you can adopt a cat in NYC through Muddy Paws, Ollie's Place, or North Brooklyn Cats! Thanks to our sponsor, Roberta's.


"Kittens are like toddlers; they have to learn from the limits of their own behavior. It's easier for kittens to learn from other kittens." [13:15]

-- Eva Prokop on Arts & Seziures