Did you know that jello won't set if you add pineapple to it? The fourth of July is right around the corner, so if you're planning on making jello shots, this information could be particularly vital for you. This week on Ask A Clean Person Jolie Kerr and James Del, the former director of programming and events at Gawker answer questions about how to clean up hardened jello, sandy cabins, and melted plastic cutting boards.

"The reason you're not supposed to add pineapple [to jello] is because pineapple actually has an enzyme which breaks down gelatin." [10:30]

--James Del on Ask A Clean Person

"If your friends are d***s, don't be friends with them! Or -- be friends with them, but don't invite them to the cabin over the weekend." [17:00]

--Jolie Kerr on Ask a Clean Person