At every restaurant, there are people behind the scenes that keep things running smoothly. At Anfora, L'Apicio, Dell'Anima, and L'Artusi, that person is August Cardona. Erin Fairbanks sits down with August, the CEO of the Epicurean Management Company, to talk business, wine, passion, and soul. Learn about August's family history in food, and why he left his finance job in Chicago to learn more about wine. Find out how August met Joe Campanale, and how they came to open their first restaurant, Dell'Anima. Find out what makes a unique restaurant, and learn about August's commitment to disaster relief and healthy school environments. This program has been brought to you by Rolling Press.


"Balance is important between the acidity, the fruit, and the alcohol. Trying to find out what's going on between these properties is what wine tasting is all about." [15:35]

-- August Cardona, CEO of Epicurean Management Company