This week on Feast Yr Ears, host Harry Rosenblum is joined in the studio by Thomas McQuillan of Baldor Specialty Foods, Inc.

McQuillan is spearheading Baldor’s sustainability initiatives, with the mission of eliminating 100 percent of its organic food waste — no small task for a company that processes more than a quarter million pounds of produce each week. To do so, he created SparCs (“scraps” spelled backwards), which offers tops, bottoms, and peelings to chefs and manufacturers. What was once destined for the landfill has found a place at the table, fueling a trend that has the potential to change the way the industry handles excess food.



“Creating efficiencies, it just makes sense, and reducing the misuse of our assets is something we should just naturally want to do.” [24:50 ] – Thomas MQuillan