HRN Happy Hour brings you a special interview with Basil Gooden, Ph.D., who is currently serving as the Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry for the Commonwealth of Virginia.


Secretary Gooden is a native of Buckingham County, Virginia where he and his family own and operate a cattle farm, raising Black Angus beef.  His family farm also participates in tree farming and land conversation efforts. He is deeply connected to the industries that he supports through his work as Secretary of Agriculture and Forestry.

Kat, Caity, and Patrick speak to Secretary Gooden about the diverse agricultural commodities that are grown and produced in Virginia – from well-known crops like peanuts and tobacco to craft beverages such as wine and cider. We learn that Virginia is the #1 producer of oysters on the East Coast and that agritourism is booming across the state.

Tune in to hear more about Secretary Gooden's work to bridge the gap in Virginia's food systems, educate youth on opportunities in the agricultural sector, and promote Virginia's food and products around the world.



Our theme song is “Suns Out Guns Out” by Concord America.
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