It is so frustrating when you’re not being heard and you can’t express yourself freely. Allowing yourself to flow with your words is hugely nourishing and healing for all. This is so important to our health and understanding of one another’s experiences. Today’s episode of Primary Food has a lineup of freestyle rappers, poets, and even SURPRISE poets - people we didn’t even know had serious secret rhyming skills hidden and buried within them (listen and find out who at HRN!). We will be venting and letting our minds, mouths and rhymes run wild and free, exercising our quick thinking and creative intuition. Listen along and learn how to beatbox, think about how to nourish yourself with your own words, hear more about Primary Food, cancer survival, Integrative Nutrition, plus more, with guests on the mic:

• Terry “Kid Lucky” Lewis, Beatboxer and Master of Beatrhyming

• Dama Nilz, Rap Artist

• Charles Waters, Poet and Actor

• Trés Myers, Musician and Poet, awesome assistant to DJ CherishTheLuv at Music Heals

Cynthia Cherish Malaran, aka Rev. DJ CherishTheLuv, a breast cancer patient at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC, talks about the importance of PRIMARY FOOD’s role in her successful cancer treatment in this episode. The food on our tables that we put in our mouths is secondary food. Primary Food is all the stuff in life that nourishes us before we eat—Our creativity, our relationships, our spirituality, physical activity and interaction with this awesome world we live in. It was the great relationships with her Self, with others, with art, music, writing, nature, travel, food and dance, that were the groundwork of Cynthia’s successful and smooth cancer treatment. As Rev. DJ CherishTheLuv, she aims to share this knowledge to help others heal and find more ease and inner peace around the world.

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