This week on Beer Sessions Radio (TM) investigates that one ingredient that, though oft overlooked, without which beer could not exist: water. Joined by regulars Jen Schwertman and Dave Brodrick of The Blind Tiger and along with water researcher Kai Olson-Sawyer and sustainability expert Caleb Stratton this episode investigates the water footprint it takes to run a brewery, what they're doing to become sustainable, and how and why water is so important in creating the flavor profile of a good beer. This episode is sponsored by

"Beer is probably one of those things that people don't think about in terms of water but it is the body of beer."

--Dave Brodrick on Beer Sessions Radio(TM)

"Vermont a water rich state...but even in water rich places you need to be concerned with the amount of water you draw. It can never be out of your mind. If you're doing things right, regardless of your business, it needs to be something you consider."

--Caleb Stratton on Beer Sessions Radio(TM)

"People don't realize that brewers don't make a lot of money. This is a passionate industry. You don't go into this business with [profit] in mind. These guys just want to make their beer, do it the way they want, make their customers happy and make enough of a living to keep their family going and be successful on a small scale."

--Jen Schwertman on Beer Sessions Radio(TM)