This week on The Beer Sessions, host Jimmy Carbone sits down with brewmaster Garrett Oliver of the Brooklyn Brewery and Clay Gordon of The Chocolate Life. Tune in to learn how to pair different beers and chocolates, some chocolate history, and how Garrett Oliver flavors his chocolate Brooklyn brews. Also, home-brewer Mark Zap sits in and shares some of his unique beers. This episode is sponsored by

"You can create chocolate-ly characters that are not from chocolate... but we've done a number of beers that are aged on cacao nibs."

--Garret Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery on Beer Sessions Radio

"[Chocolate] plays extremely well [with beer]. It's important to think about the're looking to compliment in flavor and compliment in texture...the warmth and creaminess of the beer should go with the warmth and creaminess of the chocolate"

"The challenge for me has been to find recipes that break away from 'port and chocolate' there are chocolates that have chili powder that compliment an IPA quite well."

--Clay Gordon of The Chocolate Life on Beer Sessions Radio