This week on Beer Sessions Radio, host Jimmy Carbone is joined by a bunch of guests from all sorts of breweries. We've got Dave Broderick and Jen Schwertman from Blind Tiger, Damien Brown and Chris Gallant from The Bronx Brewery, and Rich Bucheta from SingleCut Beersmiths. Also in the studio is Maia Raposo, secretary and representative from the New York City Brewer's Guild. Tune in to hear about the New York City Brewer's Guild, and their mission to organize the craft brewing community. Hear about The Bronx Brewery's mission to create a flagship pale ale, and the first brewery opening up in Queens thanks to Singlecut Beersmiths. Jen and Dave talk about their trip to the Craft Brewer's Conference in San Diego, and some of their favorite beers from the West Coast. This episode has been brought to you by

"Our mission for the New York City Brewer's Guild is to promote the New York City brewing industry which is rapidly growing. There's a lot more breweries opening up every year, and there's been a real need to get the community into one room." -- Maia Raposo on Beer Sessions Radio

"That was sort of the approach to launching with a pale ale. Everybody has one, but very few people actually focus on it as a flagship beer." -- Damien Brown on Beer Sessions Radio

"What the word 'craft' means has gotten a little diffused, and it doesn't make me happy." -- Rich Bucheta on Beer Sessions Radio