Jimmy Carbone's talking about taverns on this week's episode of Beer Sessions Radio. Christine Sismondo, author of America Walks into a Bar, is in the studio to offer s perspective on the importance of taverns as gathering places throughout history. Also in the studio are Ken Tirado of Killmeyer's Old Bavarian Inn and Barry Smyth of Fraunces Tavern, two of the oldest taverns in New York City. Tune in to hear about some of the beers at Killmeyer's and Fraunces Tavern, the importance of owner involvement in bars, the consequences of Prohibition in the United States, and why it's important to keep old tavern traditions alive. This episode has been brought to you by GreatBrewers.com.


"I don't see the American Revolution happening without taverns."

"One interesting thing about Prohibition is that people are really invested in the story as something that created more problems than it solved. To some degree, it's true, but if you look at the beginning of Prohibition, people really did drink less. For the first half of it, it really was successful at curbing people's over-consumption." -- Christine Sismondo on Beer Sessions Radio

"Taverns were the first libraries, the first art galleries, and the first cinemas." -- Barry Smyth