On this episode of Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy is joined in the studio by Mark Sljukic of Lagunitas and Brandon Moore of American Beer Distributors. Hear about the Lagunitas expansion and their new brewery in Chicago, as well as some of the craft breweries that work with American Beer. Also in the studio is Lucy Saunders, author of The Best of American Beer and Food. Hear Lucy's thoughts on beer education, brewery specialties, and the homogenization of lagers in the 1950s. Nina Nazionale of the New York Historical society is also on the show talking about Beer Here, an exhibition about New York beer history. Tune in to learn about New York's rich history of breweries and home brewing. Everyone's drinking and eating, discussing beer and food pairings, so tune in and have a beer! This episode has been brought to you by Great Brewers.com.

"There's a real need for standardized education, training palettes, and also helping people to promote beer in the most civilized way, which is to enjoy it at the table and have it with a meal and understand that beer is food."

"Having a basic understanding of all beer styles is a really good starting point, but I don't think any brewer should be locked in." -- Lucy Saunders on Beer Sessions Radio