On this week's Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy Carbone is talking about beer in the U.K. and in China. Beer writer John Holl is in the studio, talking about the culture of low ABV beers in the U.K. Jeff Cioletti, Editor-In-Chief at Beverage World, is also in the studio to talk about the stigma associated with cask ales across the pond. Patrick Donagher of GetRealPresents.com and Alewife NYC discusses his recent cask festival, and how beer lovers of all ages were enjoying cask beer. Later, Jimmy and company talk with Teddy Gowan of Dr. Beer in Shanghai, China. Teddy talks about beer trends in Shanghai and Beijing, and how the beer scene there resembles that of the United States before the craft brew movement. The studio guests talk about their favorite English and Scottish beers, and why so many beer bars in NYC tend feature macrobrews on tap and leave their lines dirty. This episode has been brought to you by GreatBrewers.com.


"I think that in the U.K., there's more of a sessionable beer culture. You're finding more beers that are in the 3-4% range pretty much everywhere that you go, so you can have more of them." -- John Holl on Beer Sessions Radio

"A lot of the thinking among some of the younger drinkers is, 'Cask is my father or grandfather's drink.' Now you're starting to see a lot more beer based on American craft beers- draft, but not hand-pumped." --Jeff Cioletti on Beer Sessions Radio

"The Chinese market is huge, and they're just now getting excited about beer." --Teddy Gowan on Beer Sessions Radio