How does a microbrewery get on tap at beer bars across New York City? We're here to find out on this week's episode of Beer Sessions Radio! Our host Jimmy Carbone is joined by guests from all across the craft beer spectrum. Sarah and Giancarlo Annese are co-founders of, and they recently visited all of the Good Beer Seal bars in New York City. Hear about how Sarah and Giancarlo learned a new appreciation for the city through their experience. Ryan Barker, manager of Adobe Blues in Staten Island, is also in the studio talking about the beer on tap at his bar and some of his local favorites. Ed Bevostecki is the owner of Mugs Ale House, and he's in the house to share his thoughts on contract brewing and beer distribution. Finally, we've got Ethan Long and Marcus Burnett of Rockaway Brewing Company sharing two of their very new beers with Jimmy and company. Tune in to hear about how an upstart like Rockaway Brewing can get their beer into bars without a huge distributor. Other topics include the seasonality of beer, and the prices of some of the equipment needed to start a brewery. This program has been brought to you by

"It was a really great way to see the city... just going to the outer boroughs and seeing what's going on there in the craft beer scene." -- Sarah Annese on Beer Sessions Radio

"As a bar manager, that's a lot of what it's about- getting people to keep brewing, support local breweries, getting people to drink the new breweries and know where they're from. A new local brewery- that's awesome, that's something I can talk about in the bar." -- Ryan Barker on Beer Sessions Radio