Jimmy Carbone is back from Belgium Comes to Cooperstown for another episode of Beer Sessions Radio. This week, Jimmy is joined by former co-host Sam Merritt, now of Civilization of Beer. Also in the studio is homebrewer extraordinaire, Chris Cuzme. Chris also is working with Wandering Star to create some unique beers, such as the Mild At Heart. Jackson Landers, author of Eating Aliens, is in the house to talk about his lifelong homebrewing obsession and his experiences eating solely invasive species. Hear the gang talk about trends in American brewing, tasting different malts and hops, as well as incorporating unique spices into beer. Check out some awesome beer pairings for game such as venison and wild pig! This episode has been brought to you by GreatBrewers.com.


"I think there are some narrow things going on in the industry... There's too much IPA, bro. There are going to be too many breweries, too. It's just too big of an influx." -- Sam Merritt on Beer Sessions Radio

"When you find common wisdom that says something in the wild isn't worth eating, but you can't find anyone who has actually done it, then maybe it's time to try and do something with it. I think it's that time with hops." -- Jackson Landers on Beer Sessions Radio