Jimmy Carbone is talking about the Freaktoberfest beer festival with a room full of guests on this week's Beer Sessions Radio. Pat Fondiller, one of the founders of Freaktoberfest and Field Sales Manager for Smuttynose Brewing Company, is in the house talking about the origins of the New York City beer festival. Pat brings some great Smuttynose brews to share with the gang; hear about some great seasonals from Smuttynose! Albert Antonucci, owner of Greenwood Park, is also in the studio and talking about hosting Freaktoberfest at his bar and beer garden. Hear from Tim Traynor, the Brand Manager for Founders Brewery. Founders is launching its Breakfast Stout on September 21st, so make sure to try it when it becomes available! Tim also talks about beer and food pairings, as well as the Founders beers at Freaktoberfest. Finally, hear from Matt Polacheck, the man behind all of Shmaltz Brewing's crazy designs. This episode has been brought to you by GreatBrewers.com.

"We wanted to make it a party with a beer festival attached to it, rather than a beer festival with some entertainment in the background. Over the years, I think we've really honed in on what we've wanted to do, and it's become a blast." -- Matt Polacheck on Beer Sessions Radio