This week on Beer Sessions Radio the house is packed with bar owners and brewers and host Jimmy Carbone moderates a conversation on collaborative brewing, bar management and the increased access to good beers across New York City. Tune in and hear from Carolyn Pincus of The Stag's Head, Ben, Mike & Seth Wiley of The Owl Farm, Bar Great Harry and Mission Dolores, Kirk Struble, owner of 4th Ave Pub and Washington Commons and Marcus Burnett & Ethan Long of Rockaway Brewing Company! Find out what it takes to find success through beer and listen in as they taste a great selection of brews live on-air! This program was sponsored by

Ive always told people that finding out what new beers are out there is 0% of the job, making sure they show up is the other 90%"
--Kirk Struble, owner of Fourth Ave Pub and Washington Commons on Beer Sessions Radio

"We try to always have a few weirdo beers on tap."
--Ben Wiley, owner of Bar Great Harry, Mission Delores & Owl Farm on Beer Sessions Radio

"Sierra Nevada is like the Disneyland of breweries."
--Carolyn Pincus of The Stag's Head on Beer Sessions Radio