Welcome to another jam-packed episode of Beer Sessions Radio with Jimmy Carbone! New York City Lagunitas representative Jimmy Lyons joins the studio for the first time. Ed Berestecki is back, and he's chatting with your host, Jimmy Carbone, about the original eight taps at Mugs Ale House in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Tessa and Enrica Malfucci make the trip down from Maine to represent their family beer brand, The Atlantic Brewing Company. Learn about the history of the company in Bar Harbor, and Brandon Moore from American Beer cracks open some Atlantic Brewing beers with Jimmy and guests. Jim Jamison calls in from Washington to talk about his brewery, Foggy Noggin. Hear Jim talk about the small-scale production of English-style ales, and the beer scene in the Pacific Northwest. Everyone's tasting beers from across the country! You don't want to miss this episode of beer sessions radio! This program has been sponsored by GreatBrewers.com.

"You can't promise a brewery a line, you just can't. There are so many breweries - nanos, micros, macros!" [6:39] -- Ed Berestecki on Beer Sessions Radio

"Pre-IPA days, the burton ale was the go-to beer for people." [20:40] -- Jim Jamison on Beer Sessions Radio