It's a crisp fall evening in Brooklyn, and Jimmy Carbone's packed the house for another installment of Beer Sessions Radio. Tonight, Jimmy's joined by Justin Robertson, Brian Strumke, and a wealth of other awesome beer guests! In the studio is Rev. David Ciancio, owner of beer and bourbon bar, Idle Hands. Also, Larry Goldstein and Paul Kretzer from Spider Bite Brewing Co. bring by two awesome brews- the Boris Russian Imperial Stout and the Eight-Legged RyePA. Jimmy Ludwig from The Happy Hour Guys is in the house talking about a potential network television debut for his show. Hear the cast talk about the San Diego beer scene, their favorite beer cities, and the holiday beer phenomenon. This episode has been brought to you by

"Owning a beer bar is a little egotistical. You're tasting what I like, and I'll admit it." [25:20] -- Rev. David Ciancio on Beer Sessions Radio

"There are so many traditional styles of beer that fit the winter and fall, but hardly anybody is making a good porter, which is what I want to drink now." [33:00] -- Jimmy Carbone on Beer Sessions Radio