On today's episode of Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy Carbone is celebrating New York's Cider Week! Dave Brodrick of Blind Tiger and Worthy Burger joins Jimmy to share some of his cider-making experiences. Joy Doumis and Jeremy Hammond of Proper Cider are in the studio talking about making cider at home with apples from the GrowNYC Greenmarket. Sara Grady is in the house from Glynwood, and she's talking about The Apple Project, the Cider Week initiative, and the differences between French and American ciders. Later, Jimmy calls up Steve Wood from Farnum Hill to talk about some of his ciders (including the Extra Dry and the Kingston Black), carbonation, grafting, and the numerous varieties in his orchard. Also on the phone is Dan Wilson of Hicks Orchard. Tune in to hear him talk about the importance are experimenting with different apple varieties in cider-making. This program has been sponsored by GreatBrewers.com.


"There are elements that I really enjoy in champagne that are intrusive in cider." [15:00]

"Grafting is a process of vegetative propagation... Everything from the point of the graft is genetically identifiable to the parent tree." [27:40]

-- Steve Wood on Beer Sessions Radio

"You can blend different varieties to learn what their strengths and weaknesses are." [44:15]

-- Dan Wilson on Beer Sessions Radio