This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy Carbone sits down with Tony Magee, the founder of Lagunitas Brewing Company, and Mark Slujkic, the New York Marketing Manager for Lagunitas. Tony talks about how he founded Lagunitas at a low point in his life- with his marriage on the rocks and his job down the tubes. Hear how Tony's musical background influences the way he runs his brand. Tony, Mark, and Jimmy also discuss Lagunitas' labels, and why they had to alter some of their famous seasonal beers. Tune in for discussions about canning, and why craft beer should be viewed as a local product more often. This episode has been sponsored by

"When you get a thing going, if it's authentic, people see that reflection in it and gravitate towards it. You become a little black hole for people who have interesting points of view... you're not looking for hired guns." [12:50]

"A brand is a twenty-year-long symphony. There are themes, there are restatements of the themes, there are developments, there are introductions of new themes. You might bring back the old theme in a new key, a different meter... that's a brand, and we just tell the story long and slow over time." [14:10]

-- Tony Magee on Beer Sessions Radio