Curious about the craft beer scene in Middle East? This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy Carbone is joined in the studio by Mazen Hajjar, the brewer behind Lebanon's 961 Beer. Hear what the typical Lebanese beer enthusiast drinks, and learn why Mazen decided to grow 961 Beer and distribute internationally. Jimmy is also talking with a wide variety of Long Island Brewers. Mike Philporick of Port Jeff, Greg Martin of Long Ireland, and Curt Potter of Blue Point Brewing Company are in the house talking about a Long Island collaboration beer, Surge Protector IPA. Surge Protector is a benefit beer for victims of Hurricane Sandy on Long Island, and for Barrier Brewing based in New York. Wendy Littlefield from Vanberg & DeWulf calls in to talk about New York's Coast to Coast Toast! Craig Flymark also calls in to talk about Barrier's brews post-Hurricane Sandy. The studio's packed on this week's Beer Sessions Radio; tune in! This program has been brought to you by

"Sometimes we get to the point where we try to push the IBUs and do all this crazy stuff, but we forget the basics. If we don't make drinkable beers, we're failing the consumer." [35:00]

"The more beers out there, good beers- the more converts we will get." [42:00]

-- Mazen Hajjar on Beer Sessions Radio