New York City has a strong homebrewing scene! This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy Carbone is chatting with John Kleinchester of Beertography, as well as Jason Sahler and Kyler Serfass of the new Kings County Brewer's Collective. Tune in to hear the crew talk about Homebrew Alley VII, and find out who took awards home from the homebrewing competition. Why did Jason and Kyler decide to go the professional brewing route, and how much more room is there in New York City for new breweries? Later, Rick Lyke, founder of Pints 4 Prostates calls in to talk about connecting about prostate cancer over beer. Later, Jimmy revisits the devastation of Hurricane Sandy on the beer community with surprise caller Gene Muller of Flying Fish. Learn why Gene keeps Flying Fish's beers local, and hear about their benefit beer, "Forever Unloved Sandy". Thanks to Beer Session Radio's sponsor,


"There's tons of people in New York City, and more and more of them are wanting to drink craft beer." [6:15] -- Kyler Serfass on Beer Sessions Radio

"Beer's heavy, and it costs a lot of money to ship it. It puts out a lot of CO2... we want to keep it as local as we can." [42:30] -- Gene Muller on Beer Sessions Radio