It's the Queens Craft Beer Show on Beer Sessions Radio! Tune in as Jimmy is joined by an awesome crew of Queens beer people including Gloria Dawson of Time Out New York, Rich Castagna of Bridge and Tunnel Brewery, Ben Sandler and Jennifer Lim of Queens Kickshaw, Juan Cruz of Sunswick 35/35 and Gus Anton of Inwood Local. Tune in and get an inside look at the beer scene in Queens and some of the interesting bars and breweries in the area. Find out about some awesome publications to check out for Queens beer spots and listen as the crew tastes some great beers and kombucha made in Queens! This program was sponsored by

"I never bought more than two kegs of anything except Rich's beer (Bridge and Tunnel Brewery)!" [11:00]

"Astoria is awesome - there's so many great things happening these days" [22:00]

--Ben Sandler of Queens Kickshaw on Beer Sessions Radio