Beer Sessions Radio recaps the Craft Brewer's Conference and talks Atlanta brews on this week's episode! Jimmy Carbone is joined in the studio by Dave Brodrick of Blind Tiger, and beer journalist of Crusin' for a Brewsin', Ale Sharpton, from Atlanta, Georgia. Tune in to hear Jimmy, Dave, and Ale chat about some of their favorite beers and bars in Washington, D.C. at the Craft Brewer's Conference. Learn about the Atlanta beer scene, and why Atlanta residents can expect more growler stations soon. Later, Jimmy calls up Chuck Silva: brewer at Green Flash Brewing Company. Jimmy, Dave, and Ale taste and comment on Green Flash's Friendship Brew. Hear Chuck talk about Green Flash's upcoming expansion to Virginia Beach! To wrap up the show, Ale shares some of his favorite beers from Atlanta. Eric Johnson of Wild Heaven Craft Beers calls in to talk about his Southern brewing processes and the Georgia craft beer scene! Thanks to our sponsor,, and thanks to Pamela Royal for today's music!

"I love being the ambassador for Atlanta, but when I'm out of town, it's good to feel the love of different cities." [34:10] -- Ale Sharpton on Beer Sessions Radio

"There's something of an art to brewing a sweet beer that has a balanced flavor." [40:05] -- Eric Johnson on Beer Sessions Radio