Jimmy Carbone has an international crew in the studio for this week's episode of Beer Sessions Radio! Jon Lundbom brings some of his favorite brewers on to the show to talk about importing with B. United. Paolo Fontana of Birra Baladin is in the studio sharing some of his Italian beers, and talking about his love for New York City. Michael Brogaard is talking about mead in Denmark, and why Dansk Mjod differs from so many other mead companies in the field of brewing technology. Later, Greg Engert and Megan Parisi call in to talk about importing laws in Washington D.C. and their upcoming brewery, Bluejacket. Listen in to hear the crew taste some beers from Simon Webster and Rob Lovatt's Thornbridge Brewery in the United Kingdom. Michael Brooks and Bryan Lindner from Bed-Vyne Brews come into the studio to talk about starting a beer retail outlet in the Bed Stuy neighborhood in Brooklyn! This program has been sponsored by GreatBrewers.com. Thanks to The Hollows for today's music.


"The bar for bringing a beer into the market into the States is getting very high." [6:50] -- Jon Lundbom on Beer Sessions Radio

"You have a lot of technology for making beer, and you can use it to make good beer. But for mead, there is nothing. We are developing that technology for ourselves." [8:45] -- Michael Brogaard on Beer Sessions Radio