From Italy to Chico, CA, we're talking great craft beer on Beer Sessions Radio! Jimmy Carbone welcomes back Dave Brodrick, and calls filmmaker John R. Richards of Beer Hunter the Movie to talk about what made beer writer Michael Jackson so special. Find out where you can see the film in New York City! Jan Apanich and Jerry Clum of Sierra Nevada are in the studio talking about their brand's role in the craft beer movement, and how their East Coast expansion will affect their carbon footprint. Hear from food writer, historian, and sommelier Katie Parla about the unique craft beers being produced in Italy. Jon Lundbom of B. United talks about the cost of importing Italian brews, and how Italian beer history allows for creativity. You don't want to miss this episode; tune into Beer Sessions Radio! This program has been sponsored by Thanks to Dead Stars for today's music.


"He was more about people, history, geography, and music than about beer. But he had an amazing palate, and no one could describe the flavors in beer better than Michael Jackson... He was a journalist; he really captured the stories of people." [9:10] -- John R. Richards on Beer Sessions Radio

"People are realizing that the number of flavor profiles of beer pair with food so well." [12:00] -- Jerry Clum on Beer Sessions Radio

"These Piedmont-based brewers are doing a lot of beers with fruit, and to great effect." [22:25] -- Katie Parla on Beer Sessions Radio