Jimmy Carbone's talking summer beer festivals on this week's episode of Beer Sessions Radio! The Happy Hour Guys, Jimmy Ludwig and Squigs, are back in the studio talking about their upcoming beer tour of Michigan. Find out what breweries and bars The Happy Hour guys plan to visit! BR Rolya comes by to talk about Portland, Maine's The Festival, presented by 12 Percent Imports and the Shelton Brothers. Tim Lynch drops by to talk about his ten favorite bars and restaurants in Portland, Maine! Later, Bill Herlicka of White Birch Brewing calls in to talk about the history of his brewery and the upcoming Southern New Hampshire Brewers Festival. Brazilian homebrewer and beer sommelier Pedro Paolo Alipezzi comes by to talk about the burgeoning Brazilian craft beer scene. Tune into this episode to learn what beers to drink during the upcoming hot summer days, and how to get tickets to all of the great summer beer festivals! This program has been brought to you by GreatBrewers.com. Thanks to Pamela Royal for today's music.

"Now you're finding bocks that are ranging from a deep amber color to a light blonde... The double bocks are of course darker." [44:35]

-- BR Rolya on Beer Sessions Radio