We've got brewers from the Czech Republic, Belgium, and Germany on this week's episode of Beer Sessions Radio! Meet Jan Skala from Kout na Sumave, Lionel Van De Haegen from Brasserie de Silly, and Alexander Reiss of Kloster Andechs, and Sebastian Sauer of Freigeist. Hear how these brewers are continuing hundred-year-old traditions, and updating them with their unique eye for quality and passion. Hear why all of these European brewers convened in Portland, Maine for the Shelton Brothers' event, "The Festival". Tune in to hear from Jen Schwertman before she moves to San Diego; what beer destinations did she recently visit in New England? Tune into this episode to find out more about these dedicated European brewers, and famous historical beers from their respective locations! This program has been sponsored by GreatBrewers.com. Thanks to Four Lincolns for today's break music.

"We wanted to brew the beer we want. We aren't just trying to sell it, we're brewing it for taste." [35:20]

-- Sebastian Sauer on Beer Sessions Radio