Green Flash Brewing Company joins Jimmy Carbone at Jimmy's No. 43 for a beer and food tasting extravaganza! Tune into this week's episode of Beer Sessions Radio to hear Jimmy talk with brewer Chuck Silva about the different seasonal offerings from Green Flash. Dave Adams, Manager at Green Flash's Tasting Room, talks about the connection between West Coast styles and San Diego cuisine. What foods go well with Green Flash brews? Tune into this episode to learn about the events at the Green Flash Tasting Room, and the reasons for their beer and food pairings. Tune in to hear Dave Adams lead an expert beer crash course! Learn how Green Flash and St. Feuillien came to collaborate on a beer! This program has been sponsored by Thanks to Pamela Royal for today's music.


"West Coast-style beers go well with food... they lend themselves to the types of food we have in San Diego - Mexican food, spicy food. But we have such a variety of styles that we can pair with any type of food." [5:35]

-- Dave Adams on Beer Sessions Radio