How to define craft beer? Are casks viable in the United States beer market? This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy Carbone has packed the studio with craft beer all-starts to answer these questions and more! Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery stops by to talk about the importance of knowing your brewer and keeping up with cask systems. Dave Brodrick comes down from Vermont and discusses casks at Blind Tiger. Hugh Sisson from Heavy Seas in Baltimore, Maryland to talk about caskerators, and the rising popularity of cask beers. Jeff and Heather from The Pine Box Rock Shop are debuting their cask system that they got from Hugh at the bar tonight! How do cask systems in the States differ from those across the pond? July is Good Beer Month! Tune in to hear Garrett Oliver read Mayor Bloomberg's Good Beer Month proclamation! This program has been sponsored by Thanks to The Raunch Hands for today's music!

"If you look what the macros are doing, they're making a beer that offends the least amount of people. When you're making craft beer, it's not necessarily for everybody." [7:30]

-- Hugh Sisson on Beer Sessions Radio

"Cask beer is very easy to do- it's actually pretty simple- but it does take some work. People aren't necessarily willing to do that work." [12:00]

-- Garrett Oliver on Beer Sessions Radio

"I don't think you can have a genuine beer bar without a cask." [20:15]

-- Heather Rush on Beer Sessions Radio