Tune in to this week's Beer Sessions Radio to hear the first set of Jimmy Carbone's recordings from the annual Belgium Comes to Cooperstown presented by Ommegang Brewery! Hear from Ommegang's Simon Thorpe and Phil Leinhart; hear about the brewery's Game of Thrones beers, and the resurgence of hop growers in Upstate New York. Find out what small breweries and brewpubs made it up to the festival! Later, Bill Herlicka of New Hampshire's White Birch Brewing Company talks about his hop and yeast selections and the growing craft beer scene in New Hampshire. Tune in to hear more from beer all-stars like Jonathan Moxley, Mike Lovullo, Tommy Ortega, John Langley, and the Radiant Pig team! Thanks to our sponsor, GreatBrewers.com. Today's music has been provided by Pamela Royal.

"If we can pioneer varietals that are resistant to downy mildew, we can get indigenous hops back Upstate." [9:50]

-- Simon Thorpe on Beer Sessions Radio