It's a full house today in the studio on Beer Sessions Radio! We have a diverse group of beer enthusiasts in the studio today, including Ken Fisherman (owner at The Guilty Goose), Mike Lovullo (Beer Distributors/GreatBrewers), Chris O' Leary (editor at Brew York), and Jessica Agullo and Johnny Brilliant (Iberian Beer United). Later, Brian Strumpke of Stillwater Ales, joins the group via phone to talk about his latest beers, the current trends in the beer industry today, and even tells us a hilarious story about a run-in with the police when hanging out with Johnny Brilliant. Finally, Chris O' Leary talks about his time at the Great American Beer Festival in Denver, CO, and tells us more about his local favorites that received awards in their categories. This program has been sponsored by

"The VSK program allows us to bring in one-offs - unusual and extreme. We've been able to bring in one of my favorite beers, the Guinea Pig." [13:45]

--Johnny Brilliant on Beer Sessions Radio

"There's a lot of coffee beer on the floor this year. A lot of breweries are exploring coffee-milds - another direction in more sessionable beer." [39:20]

-- Chris O' Leary on Beer Sessions Radio