This week on Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy Carbone is talking big and small craft breweries. Dan Kopman and Stephen Hale of Schlafly stop by the show to talk about their start in St. Louis, and how they were able to compete with the local giant- Anheuser-Busch. What did the sale of Anheuser-Busch mean for the city of St. Louis and Schlafly? Ben Granger stops by to talk about the Schlafly tasting at Bierkraft tonight, and how craft beer in New York City has changed since Bierkraft's birth twelve years ago. Ed Berestecki of Mugs Ale House joins Beer Sessions Radio to share a vintage Schlafly Imperial Stout from 2008! Tune in to learn about aging beers, and why dating bottle-conditioned beers can be so controversial. Find out how the cast feels about vintage beers and the perception of oxidation in beer. Augie Carton of Carton Brewing stops by to talk about beer collecting, and why vintage collectors can learn a thing or two from wine geeks. Cask evangelist Alex Hall drops by to talk about the Cask Marque accreditation program! You don't want to miss this week's edition of Beer Sessions Radio! Thanks to for sponsoring today's program. Music has been provided by Hardbodies.


"We set out to be a great small brewer, serve our local market, and make all of the great European styles that Anheuser-Busch didn't make. They only made light American lagers... We just hoped to find people who wanted something different." [5:15]

-- Dan Kopman on Beer Sessions Radio