On the 200th episode of Beer Sessions Radio, Jimmy Carbone is joined in the studio by Larry Bell, Paul Kermizian, Josh Bernstein, Jimmy Ludwig, and Matthew Lefkowitz. Larry tells us about how the word spread so much about his home brewery that his business exploded and led him to start Bell's Brewery. Then they talk about expanding Bell's and the process of introducing it to New York. Later, Paul Kermizian from Barcade tells us about making his documentary, American Beer, as well as his experience opening Barcade. This program has been sponsored by GreatBrewers.com. Today's music provided by Four Lincolns.

"A lot of the explosion around the country is from nanobreweries." [6:15]

Larry Bell on Beer Sessions Radio

"The upper peninsula is discovering beer in a way that we thought they never would." [15:00]

Jimmy Ludwig on Beer Sessions Radio