Beer royalty is in the house this week on Beer Sessions Radio as Brooklyn Brewery founder Steve Hindy joins the program to chat about his new book, The Craft Beer Revolution: How a Band of Microbrewers Is Transforming the World's Favorite Drink. Steve isn't the only guest this week, Jimmy is joined by Tommy Ortega, owner of Sunswick 35/35, Dan Bronson, organizer of Queens Beer Week, Ben Sandler, co-owner, Queens kickshaw and Anthony Accardi, co-owner/brewer Transmitter Brewing Co., LIC. The theme of the week is craft beer in New York, specifically, Queens. We're gearing up to celebrate Queens Beer Week, which is happening this Friday. Tune in and get some great beer insight from real pros. This program was brought to you by

"We started out peddling Brooklyn Lager door to door in 1988 and in retrospect, I cant believe anybody bought anything from us. We were selling at a rice right above Heineken we had no money for marketing, nobody had ever heard of the beer and we couldn't give anybody credit - we wanted to be paid cash for something nobody ever heard of." [10:00]

--Steve Hindy on Beer Sessions Radio