Not everybody can sell growlers. Who can and who can’t? Well – find out on another jam-packed episode of Beer Sessions Radio. The guys sippin’ kombucha, talking about distribution and government regulations and having a great time doing it. Today’s guets are Joe Callender, owner of Beyond Kombucha, Spiro Theofalatos, brewer of Beyond Kombucha, Michael Brooks, owner of Bed Vyne Brooklyn, Jimmy Ludwig of the Happy Hour Guys, Justin Clark of Cigar City Brewing and Father Bill Miller. That’s a lot of beer guys! Tune in and hang out with the crew on Beer Sessions Radio. This program was sponsored by

“Beer and kombucha are some of the best recovery drinks on the planet.” [36:00]

–Jimmy Ludwig of Happy Hour Guys on Beer Sessions Radio

“I love god and I love beer – sometimes in that order and sometimes not so much…I look forward to having a cold one with our lord.” [40:00]

–Father Bill Miller on Beer Sessions Radio